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AROSPEED Fuel Regulator - CamPro Engine
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AROSPEED® Adjustable Fuel regulator is a device installed onto the fuel rail or in-line with fuel lines, this units allows fine turning of fuel curve mechanically by increasing or decreasing fuel pressure to the fuel lines. Boost dictated to steady fuel pressure even under boost conditions resulting from forced induction.

AROSPEED® Fuel Regulator is made out of billet aluminium and comes with its own pressure gauge. The installation of performance fuel injectors or a high-flow fuel pump requires the use of an after market fuel pressure regulator to allow pressure adjustments while maintaining a stable base pressure. AROSPEED® adjustable fuel regulator can be used to maximise a standard fuel systems ability to cope with minor power modifications.


Single layers NASA Grade 0.4mm Diaphragm handle high pressure
100% tested every piece before shipping ensure NO LEAK!
Available 2 different pressure range for NA and Turbo Engines
Metallic gauges with clear raeding easy to adjust pressure

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