Toyota Camry ACV40 2006+/ACV50 2012+ - TEIN EnduraPro Plus OE-Shape Absorber
Price RM3,560.00
Brand TEIN
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- Genuine products & premium quality by TEIN

- TEIN EnduraPro Plus

- 16 Steps Soft Hard / Damper Adjust

- Twin Tube Design

- 1 Year Warranty

- Plug & Play (OE-Shape)

- Compatible with OE Coil Spring & Aftermarket Sport Lowering Spring

- Price for 1 Set / 4 Pcs (Front & Rear) Shock Absorber

EnduraPro PLUS are high-performance OE-shape shock absorbers. Designed to use with the vehicle's original (OE) spring and upper mount, their lower spring seat is shaped identical to the OE shock absorber. In addition to replacing worn or leaking OE dampers, these products are excellent to improve specs like ride quality or handling without changing your ride height.

H.B.S System - More comfort and higher durability at maximum passenger and cargo load. - When regular shock absorbers fully stroke, their bump rubbers are compressed. The energy that is generated by that escapes as a repulsive force, which can disturb the vehicle's behavior. Furthermore, repeated full strokes can damage the damper. - In the same situation EnduraPro and EnduraPro PLUS, featuring H.B.S., internally convert the impact of the stroke to thermal energy (heat) and absorb it, strongly reducing the impact that disturbs the vehicle's behavior. With less damage to the dampers, H.B.S. also contributes to their durability.

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